Short history

We started in 2006 the Romanian private company Electronic interactiv Inc. In the first stage we installed home and industrial automation. The tests for developing new lighting fixtures with LEDs were started in 2007. After we studied the offer of power LEDs for lighting we choose the CREE LEDs for our new products. The brand Ambiflux® was born in 2008. This brand is to cover the LED light fixtures produced and sold by Electronic interactiv inc.

Our quality policy

We wish that Ambiflux® brand shall be a synonym with durability, efficiency and luxury.

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    The Durability

    is given by the materials used for the body of the fixtures (aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and polycarbonate) on one side and by the quality of the electronic components (CREE, Microchip, Zetex) on the other side. We also control the process of assembling the fixtures and ensure that the LEDs and the other sensitive components are handled correctly.

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    The Efficiency

    is a constant concern for us in the design process for our products. We are morally obligated to look for the most efficient ways of power supply, command and control for the LEDs to keep the low energy consumption.

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    The Luxury

    is often associated to the wealth and opulence. Ambiflux® fixtures blend in nicely. The LEDs cast a beautiful light over your preferred objects and spaces. They give you a great feeling and helps for your relaxation.

Our responsibility is not ending after the selling transaction. We are always close to our clients. We offer advices and help through all the life of the goods.

Some info about LEDs



Certificat ISO 9001-2008-editia 2 Certificat ISO 14001-2004-editia 2 Certificat ISO 18001-2007-editia 2

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    Ioan Fence
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