Like clusters of stars in linear shape Ambiflux®  LEDLine brings the office space to the next level. Your team will navigate through the daily tasks with more energy and optimism bringing more value to your company. The overall power consumption of the lighting will be a third compared to fluorescent lamps. These unique lamps are fit for the roughness of the industrial area too.

Areas of application: offices, schools, hospitals, banks, shops, industrial spaces

Voltage: 36 VDC

Power supply: not included

IK protection: 08

Color temperature: neutral white

Protected against reversed polarization, overheating, over-pressure, limited constant current

Working temperature: -25...+45˚ C

Dimming: DALI (optional)

Material: aluminum

Mounting: recessed

Certifications: ROHS, CE, SR EN60598

Excellent light uniformity

Increased visual comfort

Factory in Europe

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Product description and application area

Ambiflux® LEDLine integrates the latest in LED technology into a compact size linear lamp, ideal for lighting offices, hallways, commercial and industrial spaces with a maximum height of 4m. The lamp’s versatility makes it easy to be used as an under-cabinet lamp, flush mount ceiling lighting fixture or pendant lamp with steel cables.

Product features

The IP protection (54) of the fixture and optic system makes Ambiflux® LEDLine the perfect fit for industrial spaces with a ceiling height of maximum  4m. The anodized aluminum heat sink ensures thermal dissipation required by LEDs. Installing the lamp is effortless because of its design, its accessories and its straightforward electrical connection system.

Optic system

The polycarbonate disperser ensures electrical insulation and protects the electrical circuits whilst offering high optical efficiency.

 Ambiflux® LEDLine provides a high spatial distribution of illumination granted by its 120° wide angle.

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