Italian craftsmanship supplies the outer shape where we integrate the latest technology for you to benefit of its high lighting performance over the years. Your history will be well lit and clearly visible for tourists and visitors to enjoy.

Areas of application: streets, sidewalks, alleys, parks, parking lots or building façades

Voltage: 230 VAC

Power supply: included

Efficiency > 91%

Power factor > 0.95

Color temperature: neutral white

Protected against reversed polarization, overheating, over-pressure, limited constant current

Working temperature: -25...+45˚ C

Material: anodized extruded aluminum

Mounting: adjustable mounting on flat surface

Certifications: ROHS, CE, SR EN60598

Excellent light uniformity

Increased visual comfort

Factory in Europe

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Product description & Areas of application

Ambiflux® Broadway brings you the beautiful design of classic lamps while providing 21st century lighting quality. Ambiflux® Broadway is ideal for lighting streets, sidewalks, alleys, parks, parking lots or building façades in baroque or rustic settings, as it will integrate seamlessly with the architecture of local historic buildings.

Product features

Choose a classic that will stand the test of time. Ambiflux® Broadway incorporates the latest in LED lighting technology. Our engineers designed the lamp with durability in mind: extruded aluminium heat sink for superior thermal dissipation, high quality power source, with over-voltage and surge protection. The entire assembly is made of durable nonferrous, weather resistant materials, covered in electrostatic field painting. It offers incredible lighting control due to its tilt feature for the light-engine and dimming options of the power-supplies.

Optic system
The carefully chosen optical system ensures the optimal lighting distribution. The PMMA lenses are resistant to high temperature and UV radiation.

Get the lighting power and classic shape you need in one great package.

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