Traffic SRC

Professionals pay attention to every detail. With the help of the adjustable mounting system, the lamp can be oriented in the optimal position, according to the landscape.  Ambiflux Traffic SRC can be mounted directly on the existing arm of the pole, thus obtaining extra savings.

Areas of application: street, road, parking

Voltage: 230 VAC

Power supply: included

Efficiency > 91%

Power factor > 0.95

Color temperature: neutral white

Protected against reversed polarization, overheating, over-pressure, limited constant current

Working temperature: -25...+45˚ C

Material: anodized extruded aluminum

Mounting: adjustable mounting on arm Dmax < 68 mm

Certifications: ROHS, CE, SR EN60598

Excellent light uniformity

Increased visual comfort

Factory in Europe

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Product description

Ambiflux® Traffic lamps encompasses the latest LED technology and thus represents a modern solution for street lighting. Ambiflux® Traffic ensures an even spatial distribution of light on streets and alleys with no dark areas, given by the asymmetric optic system specifically designed for street illumination. The light from Ambiflux® Traffic is very similar to daylight, making it easier to recognize faces and distinguish colors, adding to the sense of security.

Areas of application

Ambiflux® Traffic lamps are specifically designed for lighting traffic routes and perimeter lighting, ensuring road and citizen safety.

Product features

The robust structure and the multitude of combinations available are meant to offer the most advantageous solution to your project. The decorative anodized extruded aluminium heat sink ensures the LEDs thermal dissipation. The rounded body protects the thermal dissipation area of the lamp and gives it an aerodynamic shape. Consequently, the wind forces that act against the pillar supporting the lamp are significantly reduced. The position of the lamp can be adjusted in order to obtain the optimum position in relation to the landscape.

Optic system

Ambiflux® Traffic is fitted with PMMA lenses at different angles in order to obtain a consistent level of surface illumination.

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