Pollux track-light

Ambiflux Pollux track-light offers the required adaptability to light a multifunctional room or one that is constantly changing. The lamp becomes the essential element for interior lighting that conveys a modern and sophisticated accent.

Areas of application: commercial spaces, conference rooms, events rooms, hotel lobby, etc.

Voltage: 230 VAC

Power supply: included

IP: 20

Color temperature: neutral white

Protected against reversed polarization, overheating, over-pressure, limited constant current

Working temperature: -25...+45˚ C

Material: aluminum

Mounting: rail mount installation

Certifications: ROHS, CE, SR EN60598

Excellent light uniformity

Increased visual comfort

Factory in Europe

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Product description & Areas of application

This lamp combines innovation with quality to offer higher efficiency and longer lifespan. Available in a variety of colours and with an optical system that fits your requirements, it can be easily integrated in the design of a conference room, hotel lobby or commercial space.

Product features

The inner extruded aluminum fins create a movement sensation and ensure product durability, with a unique shape, inspired by a jet engine. The outer layer made from aluminum covered in electrostatic field paint offers extra durability whilst playing an aesthetic role.

Equipped with a track-light system, it is ideal to illuminate commercial spaces as it allows directing the light exactly where it is needed and helps to create a pleasant shopping experience. Ambiflux Pollux track-light is a great way to adapt the lighting to meet the requirements of each event in a conference room.

Optic system

The  lenses contained  in  the optic  system are made  from polycarbonate  with  a  high resistance  to  UV  radiations and high temperatures (120°C). 

When you need flexibility, you need Ambiflux Pollux track-light.

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