Lighting has become more and more important when designing a room, as it can emphasize a decor element, or create a relaxing atmosphere. In this sense, the rigid LED strip Rigletto, offers endless possibilities for designers, as it is very discreet but powerful.

Areas of application: interior accent/ambiental lighting,  soffit, under-cabinet, etc

Voltage: 230 VAC

Power supply: included

Color temperature: warm white/neutral white

Working temperature: -25...+45˚ C

Mounting: clips/adhesive tape

Excellent light uniformity

Increased visual comfort

Certifications: ROHS, CE, SR EN60598 

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Product description & Areas of application

Rigletto is a versatile rigid LED strip, thin, discreet but powerful that can be easily integrated in furniture, soffits or any narrow spaces due to its various lengths. Equipped   with high efficiency LEDs, this rigid strip ensures maximum level of light with low energy consumption. The constant current adapter is incorporated inside the strip, so it can be connected directly to the network, making the bulky transformer obsolete.

Product features

Rigletto is a thin 12.5x11[mm] rigid LED strip with various lengths available and two options for color temperature, thus it can be used in any design, with endless possibilities. Since it does not require an external transformer, it can be easily connected directly to the network. The strip is made from polycarbonate with integrated optic lens that directs the light into a 60˚ beam, obtaining the perfect light for soffits. The polycarbonate also offers durability and protection against mechanical impacts.

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